• News- 2006


August, 1st 2006 – 21H45

I guess you have noticed it :

Here is the english translation of this site "itsudemo.fr"!!!

For those who do not know this site, it is about illustration and drawings from me, Misato Sam (aka Sam Corraire).

You will be able to follow a webcomic here : "Aeru Subarashi"

Hope you will enjoy this site, and even if you or don't, be free to give some feedback in the"Guestbook". You can leave Fanart requests too!

Sam who is dancing with Kirby
(>'-')> <('-'<) ^('-')^ v('-')v <('-'<) ^( )^ (>'-')> ^(^-^)>

July, 11th 2006 – 14H13

A dozen drawings and boards from 2004-2006
added to the "Gallery" and "Comic" sections!

Most of them are from my comic "Witches no Densetsu".
Two old drawings added to the "Gallery / Oldies" section.

Have nice holidays for those who can enjoy them!

Sam who benefit from this free time to update more (*´ー`) *

July, 10th 2006 – 16H33

To help you waiting for the english translation of the site, all the "Gallery" have been reorganized.

I hope you will find it neat. Do not be surprize if a few links are not working yet, I will correct this quickly!

The "Comics" section will not flee from the site cleaning : it should be prepared for the coming arrival of the webcomic "Aeru Subarashi"

July, 4th 2006 – 23H32

Soon, the english translation of the website will be available.
If you want to see previous news, follow the link "Old News" at the bottom of this page.

4 drawings
have been added to the "Gallery" section, one in the "Rough" part and 3 other in "Junk". From now on the latest roughs will be highlighted with a blue border.

About the survey for the webcomic, the votes were stopped this night.
To see the results about the survey : results.

Ha, I did not change this months's image... (/。\' )

June, 19th 2006 – 14H15

A new special section in the gallery, concerning very old drawings (from my debuts in 2002).

Do not forget to vote for the webcomic you will read on the site. You just have to look for it in the « comics » part.

Thanks for those who have already voted !

June, 13th 2006 – 18 H17

3 new drawings in the « Natural Media ».

You will soon be able to follow a webcomic on www.itsudemo.fr !
And you have the choice, you will be able to chose the topic of it. How ? I put a survey in the « comics » part (´ー`)

Two new deliriums
from Pokéman have been added (« Fun » section)

Did you see that the sun was back (´o` )


June, 2nd 2006 – 07h15

Finally an update, the « comics » gallery is showed entirely ! It happened to be a little late, but do not complain : Here it is !
It still misses a few plates, they will come later and will be definitely more recent !
Refering to this part, I will put an Online comic : you will be able to follow the story of
« Witches no Densetsu » (*´ー`*)ノ .o°*
A new link in the section « contact », where you can find the adress of PoKéMaN from now on !
Have a nice day everyone !

May, 28th 2006 - 02h37

A quick news , not the on I expected to make, but I ran out of time.
An update of 2 drawings in the gallery, in the part « Natural Media », also a brand new « Guestbook » where you will be able to make comments depending on your mood ! Concerning the drawings, perhaps did you ever notice the date of the latest ones ? These are oldies…. It was just a deliberate lag in order to provide you every week with new drawings.

Tomorrow (or rather today at 10 a.m.) will open at the « Hisler Even » library in Metz a conference about manga. It will also allow people to draw, will show color demonstrations, on paper format with copiics pens, and color graphics (CG) on Painter 8.
I hope to be up to it... (>.<')

May, 21st – 17h37
It’s official and it is fully operational ! The site finlly has an easy to remember adress.
I have brought back almost every of my drawings in the sections « Gallery » and « Works », plus several surprises.
The next update will be for the « Comics », a beginning for me in this field : I hope you will cheer for me !
This update will be done during the week, so enjoy your Sunday !
- May, 14th 2006 - 19h 50

New design for new site !
And moreover, an « .fr » extension for the site. I did not activated every webpage, but do not worry, it will be done soon enough!
Many things have happened since I left Bordeaux. I realized that I did not draw a lot during this last year (I have gone through hard times, both professional and personnal).
But I am back, nd fully decided to make up for this lost time !
Thanks to those who followed my works on the net during this period.