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Real name:

Sam Corraire.
Name on internet:

Misato Sam.

Birthdate: October
Location: Lorraine (France) Since December 2004.
I come from Bordeaux.
Job: Salesgirl.
Works - clik here -
Wishes: To be a professional in comics, Go to Japan, Bretagne and Ireland. Singer (Old dream from when I was a young girl).
Hobby: Singing, drawing, cartomancy, Dance dance revolution, spending time with my boyfriend (should come first!!!).
Likes: Celtic songs and civilisation, Japanese songs, nature, tree, moon's stone (selenite (gypse) and feldspath), read and write stories. Drama...
favourites artist: Utada Hikaru, Kumi Koda, Aceilux, Rua, Bagdad de Lann Bihoué, Dan ar Braz, Gerald de Palmas...
Takeshi Obata, Yang Kyung Il ... (≧∇≦) !!!!
• Other •
Karaoké: Original song from City of Angels, vocals by me.
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